Saturday, 15 December 2012

29 dead, 22 were children...


As I was writing about how my life has taken a turn for the better, there was an elementary school shooting involving the deaths of 29 people -- 22 of those 29 were children.

As I wrote how I am turning 20 years old in a few more days, I learned of another 20 year old human being rampaging through an elementary school, shooting any sign of innocent life that was in the way of his wrath...

As I explained how my life had taken a turn for the worst this year, I had also learned of many other families experiencing the same deep sorrow. They will lament today and many days to come just as I have mourned this entire year...

His named was Adam Lanza. He was a 20 year old honor student with a history of autism. On December 14, he shot his mother while she was in her home, and proceeded to visit her place of work -- Sandy Hook Elementary School -- where he then shot and murdered 29 people in total. This included the school principal, psychologist, some teachers, and the remaining were children. He also did not hesitate to take his own life after taking theirs.

To the families of Newtown, CT, I wish your futures well. There is a purpose in everything, even if the reason is unclear... We must unite as a nation, gather our findings, and proceed to re-evaluate and utilize the information gathered. This is our chance to move forward, so that we may prevent this amount of tragic loss in the future. For you, for me, and for the rest of the world, this is a change which must be sought after.

While this is still big news, it will fade in a few days... The world does move on even while we are stuck in our own private bubbles of personal emotions. We do understand, and we wish you much happiness in the future... No one should have to go through this, ever.

You are all loved, including your children and the affected adults of this event. But as I say this, I must also emphasize that we must move forward and act upon this even while we are at our worst. Let's make this memorable in such a way as to honor of the lives which have been lost.

May peace be with all of you soon,


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