Friday, 14 December 2012

Your NEW CHAOTIC Future!

Season's Greetings,
I am super excited for the CHAOTIC FUTURE which lies ahead!
  As many people already know (and as many, many people don't know yet), the year 2012 has been quite an emotional, physical, and mental roller coaster for me. I have moved to a different country, learned a different language, became part of an embracing foreign culture, learned the importance of maintaining social relationships, and have grown into a full-fledged adult in less than 6 month's time!
Impressive, right?
Well, I turn 20 years old by the end of December... But I'm still feeling pretty young. Everyone says that I'm still in the baby stage... still supposed to be discovering life, living to the fullest until I get tired of it all... but I sincerely beg to differ. Everyone is always evolving, and there's no stopping this amazing time warp! Wanting to show the world that you're better than what it offers doesn't mean you're immature, young, or too naive to see the big picture...
That IS the big picture, mate!
This is why I've decided to start up a new blog... So that anyone who wants to become someone can feel inspired to live their life a little larger every day. Subscribe right now and feel the inspiration flow right through you on the daily. ;-)
Welcome to the greener side, my friend.
You are in for a joyride!
Your friend,
Emily Mendez
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