Monday, 17 December 2012

How Are You, Really?

Dear Stranger,

The world seems so cold lately, and I'm not just talking about the atmosphere.

Even with the holidays here, people seem to be so distant... More reserved in their mannerisms, and less open to communication. I can't even smile at a passerby without receiving a blank expression in return, let alone say 'Hello' without a hesitance in reply. What's with that?

Maybe it's the shooting from Connecticut which have gotten people all goose-bumped, or maybe the criminal activity that goes on as seasonal promotional advertisements urge you to buy more (yet you receive so, so much less), or maybe it's the sense of insecurity in your bank account that comes along with the price tags of the holiday season. Or maybe it's just the weather. But man, whatever it is, it's bumming me out and you all need to stop acting so glum!

The point of festivity is to celebrate. Let's do that by cherishing what we have, grateful for what we had, and hopeful for better opportunities in the future. That is what the season is all about. Although it's a given, we should be able to have this same mindset all year-round (even if that challenge is a little daunting)...

Nevertheless, let's get chipper and let's get drunk - with happiness, of course!

I will be signing off on a positive note,  because nothing in the world can change my view on life itself. It is beautiful, and so are YOU!

All the best,

Emily Mendez

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